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2022 Social Media Trends You Can Act On

01.19.22Tanya Ciurro

Hello, 2022! The new year is here, and with it comes a year of new trends. The question we want answered is, what social media trends will be worth incorporating into plans this year?

Social media changes daily, and with social media sites estimated to reach 3.96 billion people this year,1 knowing how to digitally grow your brand and connect with your audience is crucial for accomplishing your 2022 goals.

Set your brand up for success by counting down the top five 2022 social media trends with us:

5. Channel diversification

It may be time to broaden your social strategy. The social media industry has never been larger and shows no signs of slowing down. As the number of social media users grows, so does the variety of platforms they’re using. It should come as no surprise that you can reach more of your audience when you consider a healthy mix of channels. We’re not suggesting your brand be on every single social media platform, but after you’ve really owned one channel well, we recommend researching what the next best channel might be. Your next channel can strengthen your social media strategy based on where your audience is.

4. Influence marketing

What influences your buying decisions — commercials, billboards, social media or family and friend reviews? Modern marketing revolves around the concept of “influence.” The influence marketing umbrella includes anyone your prospective customers trust in your category. The primary buckets of influence include industry media, category experts, employees on your team and social media influencers. With 82% of people saying they trust social networks to guide their purchasing decisions,2 how can you not explore influence marketing in your social media strategy?

3. TikTok and vertical videos

TikTok is the social media app that swept everyone off their feet when it really took off in 2020. Now, it has 1 billion active monthly users. This platform has transformed short-form digital content on social media. And based on our experience, it’s not just for the hobby farmer audience — commercial producers and farmers are very active as well. TikTok’s vertical videos are overflowing to other platforms, too, such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix and even Spotify. Keep your phone camera upright and dig into vertical video content this year.

2. Connect social to IRL experiences

IRL, or “in real life,” is what people are looking for these days. Yes, we are connecting with our target audiences through digital, but they are eager to take what they learn from social media and apply it to their real lives. People crave educational, management, how-to and tips and tricks content on social media. Combine it with influence marketing and vertical videos, and you have a dedicated community.

1. Less polished, more personal

It’s a common misconception that corporate or B2B companies need to be very polished and professional. That’s not the case. By adapting your brand tone and voice to the needs of the channel, you can have authentic conversations with your communities, rather than your audience feeling like you are just trying to make a sale. For example, Culver’s social media sounds like it is run by someone you’d want to sit and enjoy a custard sundae and cheese curds with. Having a down-to-earth brand tone helps construct a community of brand advocates and loyal fans.

Let’s chat about how you can incorporate these five social media trends into your 2022 plans.

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Tanya Ciurro
Tanya Ciurro
Senior Manager