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Best Animals of the 2021 Super Bowl Commercials

02.08.21 Abby Breseman

As an animal-loving bunch, we had our eyes peeled for our favorite furry, fuzzy, feathery and scaly stars during this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

And even though Budweiser and their elegant Clydesdale horses didn’t appear on our screens this year, we still had plenty of animal-featuring advertisements to choose from.

Check out our list of favorites to see which animals scored during the big game.

Roomba Rover | Dexcom

Though only appearing on-screen for a split second, this Roomba-riding doggo was the shining star of Dexcom’s spot — but with over 60% of Filamentarians owning pets, we may be a bit biased.

Check out Dexcom’s full ad below, and keep an eye out for our favorite moment at the 10-second mark.

Innocent Kitty | Cheetos

Cats are stealthy. But not that stealthy. In Cheeto’s whodunnit-style commercial, Mila Kunis blames the cat for sneaking Ashton Kutcher’s Cheetos. The cat, of course, is innocent. (Because cats are always innocent, right?)

Watch the drama unfold in Cheeto’s full ad placement below.

Squirrelly Shrub | Squarespace

Though inanimate, we think this squirrel-shaped shrub adds life to Squarespace’s already high-energy spot. Now we’re wondering how to get ahold of the meticulous landscaper who crafted it — because we could really use a cow-shaped shrub in front of our office.

Watch the squirrelly shrub take the stage below.

Quarter-Sized Horses | Klarna

In Klarna’s western-style commercial, four quarter-sized Maya Rudolphs ride into town on four quarter-sized (and adorable) horses. Together, they represent the four interest-free payments shoppers can make using Klarna’s services. We just really like the horses. Can we use Klarna to buy one?

See the horses in action in Klarna’s full spot:

Pirate Parrot | General Motors

Mr. Parrot here has little-to-nothing to do with General Motor’s electric car-focused commercial featuring Will Ferrell and Kenan Thompson. And that’s why we like him so much. He serves as an extra bit of ridiculous fun that makes this spot even more memorable.

Watch for the shoulder percher at the 28-second mark.

What a Whopper! | Bass Pro Shops

Fishing is a great way to bond with the kids. And when they catch something this big, it’s a moment they’ll never forget. That’s why this big ol’ bass reeled us into Bass Pro Shop’s commercial.

Catch the full ad below.


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Abby Breseman
Abby Breseman