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Employee Activation Campaign

When you think “greatest of all time,” you might think of GOATs like Lebron, Tiger or Serena. You might not think of a heart-racing competition starring farm animals. But, it’s exactly how we brought Filament’s culture to life for the 2020 Agri-Marketing Conference.

When the conference went virtual, we had the chance to provide a 15-minute session break for conference-goers. We saw this break as a great opportunity to showcase Filament’s We Live It culture, and there was no better way than activating our employees (and their farm animals) — the heart of all we do. We asked for video clips from employees’ farms or backyards, and the footage we got was ESPN-worthy. We used Fila-family to commentate the animal antics and showcase how We Live It every day.

The video lived up to its name, garnering more engagement than any other session break during the conference. And, since GOATs never rest, we took it one step further expanding reach through a blog post, e-newsletter and a two-week social activation.

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