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International Beef Cattle Academy

Student recruitment public relations campaign

The buyer’s journey is a complicated, twisting path with many Google searches, abandoned carts and content consumed along the way. With 47% of buyers viewing three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep, it can be challenging to link a media relations tactic at the top of the funnel to an immediate sale.

But Filament doesn’t play by the rules. One press release for International Beef Cattle Academy (IBCA) directly resulted in $210,000 in revenue. How? Filament executed a highly targeted public relations campaign aimed to drive applications for IBCA’s online certificate program. With the foundation set through a website home page refresh, testimonial gathering and a supporting social media campaign, we couldn’t go wrong.

And the results were tremendous. IBCA received 55 total applications. At $21,000 cost per student, potential client return was $1.15 million. That’s the kind of math we like to see. The press release alone accounted for 10 applications. To extend the excitement, we followed the press release with individualized pitches to top publications resulting in an additional six story leads.

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