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Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition

Exotic pet food email campaign

"Filament has done a great job building our promotional email campaigns. Whether it’s developing the strategy or perfecting the execution, you can trust Filament."
- Liz Miller, Marketing Specialist

When Mazuri came to us for help, they had a huge email distribution list. (Awesome) But the list wasn’t generating the ROI they wanted. (Not awesome). We worked with them to create a plan to turn their metrics around.

First, we needed to learn more about how exotic pet owners shopped online. We added trackable links to measure user behavior and revenue generation. We wrote copy that combined our clients’ leadership in animal nutrition with their customers’ desire for great value. And we went nuts with the adorable chinchilla photos. Strategically nuts, of course.

The campaign did indeed result in sales and boosted ROI by more than 700% compared to the previous year. It also generated audience insights we can use to improve the next campaign. Exotic pets across America were happy, and so was our client. It was a win-win.

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