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The Purina®
Program Rebranding

“Filament is truly an extension of our marketing team. They are fully immersed in agriculture and bring many diverse skills to the table. We appreciate them for their industry experience and expertise.”
- Amber Mirabal, Associate Marketing Manager

Traditionally, farmers viewed calf nutrition as separate from other stages of growth. Purina® threw tradition out the window and proved a complete nutrition plan for all life stages provides homerun results. But how do you change the way an entire industry thinks about calf nutrition?

Filament knocked it out of the park with a rebranding campaign that was exciting as a day at the ballpark. In case you missed the (not so) subtle hints, the theme was baseball. Tapping into America’s favorite past time helped illustrate the message in a relatable way, correlating each base with the three steps of the Purina® AMPLI-CALF® Program – milk replacer, starter and grower.

The campaign was a grand slam. Unique print and digital advertising placements and an eye-catching World Dairy Expo display worthy of a World Series trophy resulted in more than 2 million impressions. The perfect measure of success? Sales increased for each product in the program.

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