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Farm to Flock™ Wholesome Hen Treats Product Launch

“Our Hen Treats campaign launch was a great partnership between Filament and Purina, launching a brand new treats product line. Filament’s expertise and excitement for the brand and launch led us to an incredibly successful campaign. Thankful for all the work Filament has done and continues to do for us!”
- Maari Simcox, Integrated Marketing Communications

Would you give a bag of M&Ms to your kids every day? No? Chances are you are not alone. But for backyard chicken raisers, this is exactly what they are doing when they provide too many treats and scraps to their birds. When Purina launched a new line of healthy hen treats, we needed a message that broke the norm, stood out in the noisy category, created healthy tension and challenged the status quo.

The result? More than 400,000 impressions, 123,000+ video views, an army of social influencers and thousands of bags shipped across the country.

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