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Udder Tech

E-commerce Social Media Campaign

Think about the last product you purchased off social media — you likely clicked purchase, received the product and forgot about the brand. The story goes much deeper for our client Udder Tech, Inc., a leader in waterproof gear trusted by farmers, veterinarians and parents worldwide.

Our social media strategy drives prospects from awareness to purchase to loyalty. It starts with the Facebook timeline and Instagram grid, targeted at prospective customers. This audience first gets to know the brand through scroll-stopping product graphics, relatable success stories and Udder Tech’s family story. And Udder Tech gets to know each prospect by name. We move prospects down the funnel with targeted Facebook ads, Instagram stories and smart retargeting.

Out of the 1M+ people reached, nearly 16% stopped to engage on Instagram, and the figure topped 23% on Facebook. This is nearly unheard of compared to Facebook’s 5% benchmark.

The sales generated are exceptional — but the real success is in brand loyalty.

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