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United Dairy Industry of Michigan

Crisis Counsel

In recent years, the dairy industry specifically has come under tough scrutiny. It is more important now than ever that dairy farmers are equipped with the tools they need to answer difficult questions about their farms. UDIM is a non-profit organization dedicated to building trust in dairy farmers and growing sales of dairy foods. As part of their services, they provide counsel and management for dairy farmers and industry to prepare for a crisis and help with recovery if they experience a crisis.

UDIM reached out to Filament to assist them in developing a robust plan to help dairy farmers in a crisis. This included assisting with a workshop on how to prepare for, manage and recover from a crisis, writing statements, talking points and an FAQ for farmers experiencing a crisis, as well as social media and traditional media monitoring and outreach for farmers in crisis. But we didn’t stop there. We also provided assistance answering online questions and comments, along with writing and distributing e-blasts to keep dairy checkoff investors informed. And, designing resources for farmers.

A crisis situation is a serious matter that requires a clear mind, proper diagnosis of the situation through social listening and taking the appropriate steps for the issues at hand. Filament is cool in a pinch and knows how to apply thoughtful, calm thinking to any situation. With the help of our expert team, UDIM is able to help maintain the positive image of dairy and dairy farming.

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