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Did someone say food?

04.05.18 Sarah KutzLindsey Hellenbrand

Potlucks, team lunches, the not-so-occasional Culver’s run. It’s no secret that here at Filament we love to share – ideas, our passion for agriculture and, of course, food. When we get the chance to combine all three, you can bet it’s an opportunity we take advantage of!

When we first moved to our new office in February 2017, we were the new kids in the neighborhood. With different backgrounds and business focus than our neighbors, we wanted to find a way to connect with them that was both fun and showed our values. In September, with World Dairy Expo only a few weeks away, we thought it would be a great opportunity to invite our neighbors to our new office for what can only be described as a real Filament lunch.

Supporting the dairy industry is always important to Filament, as many of us and our clients are actively involved in various aspects of the industry. To celebrate, we decided to offer a grilled cheese lunch complete with milk and various sides and desserts for a small fee, which would then be donated to a local organization: Second Harvest Foodbank.

Our lunch turned out to be a great success and had several businesses nearby participate. By the end of the afternoon, we were able to not only meet our neighbors and share our culture with them, but also raise a couple hundred dollars.

We took the money and went grocery shopping, purchasing 60 gallons of milk, 40 pounds of butter and 45 pounds of cheese that we donated to Second Harvest Foodbank. The foodbank is a local organization that collects food to distribute to nearly one million requests for help each year in 16 counties in southwestern Wisconsin.

When all was said and done, we had a blast sharing our love of agriculture and food with our neighbors, but it didn’t end there. Just a short time later, we received a lunch invitation from one of our neighbors who decided to return our hospitality by hosting a lunch and donating the profits to charity! Now, if you’re wondering if we participated in our neighbor’s lunch, we’ll put your mind at ease. It’s an opportunity for our team to bond over lunch – need we say more?