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Direct Mail: The Remedy for Digital Fatigue

01.20.21Malerie Koberle

Emails here. Zoom meetings there. Digital and social ads following you everywhere. Can you relate? We sure can.

In today’s web-enabled world, people are constantly meeting, working, networking, shopping and, quite frankly, burning out online. Delivering tangible branded materials straight to your customers’ mailboxes can offer a refreshing break from monotonous scrolling and typing.

Need more convincing? Here are three reasons to consider direct mail:

1. Direct mail targeting is sophisticated.

Mail-based audience targeting has come a long way. Just like you can with digital targeting, you can use geographic and demographic data to narrow your direct mail’s scope and maximize impact.

You can also use aggregate data to help create specialized VIP campaigns, new and existing customer campaigns or any other type of campaign specific to getting branded pieces in your customers’ hands.

2. Direct mail delivers experiences — literally.

Unlike any other marketing tactic, direct mail campaigns can deliver brand experiences right to your customers’ doorsteps. Some examples include:

  • Shipping a locked box with a prize inside — and the only way to open the box is with a key the customer has to call their sales rep to obtain.
  • Sending free samples to customers or prospects to test out and consider for future purchase.
  • Mailing a cocktail-making kit to loyal customers, so you can build a stronger relationship, and they can enjoy a cocktail at home instead of another virtual happy hour.

The possibilities for experiential campaigns are endless and deliver a brand connection that customers are sure to remember.

3. Personalized mail creates a stronger connection.

Mail campaigns don’t need to be overly complex to be effective. Armed with a few details about your audience, you can send a personalized letter along with your branded messaging to develop a stronger connection with each recipient. Customers notice, appreciate and remember the extra effort, which can help build new relationships or evolve long-term, loyal relationships.

For more direct mail insights, check out: Direct Mail: Tips to make Touchpoints Count.

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Malerie Koberle
Malerie Koberle