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Direct Mail: Tips To Make Touchpoints Count

02.18.21Malerie Koberle

Leading marketing data indicates that on average, Americans receive 605 emails and 16.8 pieces of mail every week. The average lifespan of an email is 17 seconds, compared to direct mail’s average lifespan of 17 days.

If those stats alone don’t have your direct mail interests piqued, the current virtual fatigue trend we’re all feeling just might.

Now, you might be wondering, what’s going to set your direct mail apart from the rest? What’s going to surprise and delight your customers when they step out to their mailboxes or onto their doorsteps?

Here are three ideas to ignite your direct mail campaign:

1. Deliver a useful gift

As ag marketers, we feel joy when we see a branded gift from three years ago in a farmer’s office or the background of a Zoom call. A thoughtful direct mail gift has the power to become part of daily routines, keeping your brand front and center.

Find something your customers or prospects actually need and will use daily. A useful gift, like a waterproof notebook, branded work gloves or portable charger, can feel extra personal – making the recipient more likely to remember your brand, even if you can’t be face to face.

And, beware the cheesy knickknack. They might be good for a quick laugh but will likely make their way to the trash.

2. Gift a conversation starter

An extra thoughtful gift – one that shows you listen and care – has the power to spark a conversation. A gift card to your recipient’s favorite local restaurant or farm supply store, or a donation to their favorite agriculture charity are two examples. Thoughtful gifts make recipients more likely to reach out and send a thank you, which allows you to engage them and keep the conversation going.

You can also use direct mail campaigns to add a personal touch to virtual meetings. Order delivery to the attendee’s home and have a virtual lunch meeting. Or, send a gift card to their local dealer as a thank you gift after a Zoom meeting. You may not be in-person, but personal touches will make it feel like you are and will pave the way for future conversations.

3. Use direct mail to connect in-person and virtual conversations

Face-to-face conversations will always be integral to the sales process, but the need for virtual connection is also not going anywhere anytime soon. Direct mail can help create smoother transitions and bridge the gap between in-person and virtual conversations.

Direct mail can also help restart conversations. Customers you haven’t seen in person for over a year or prospects that have grown cold may need a re-introduction to your brand or sales team.

Use a direct mail gift to reintroduce your brand and ask for an in-person meeting. Send a gift card and invite them to lunch. Or include a two-part gift where they need to meet with you to get the second half.

For more direct mail insights, check out: Direct Mail: The Remedy for Virtual Fatigue.

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Malerie Koberle
Malerie Koberle