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“gotmilk?” campaign returns as dairy consumption soars

08.04.20 Jane Hillstrom

If the truest form of flattery is imitation, then you could say the dairy industry’s “gotmilk?” campaign, made popular in the ‘90’s, spills over with accolades.

I remember TV and print ads featuring the iconic milk mustache on Olympic athlete Kristi Yamaguchi in 1995 (I’m a wannabe figure skater), Steven Tyler in 2006 (who didn’t sing along to “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”?) and Harrison Ford in 2011 (THE Han Solo).

What started as an advertising campaign became part of our culture. The campaign made milk cool for consumers.

And, since then, the dairy industry has seen countless imitators: “got muscles?,” “got teeth?,” “got toys?” and hundreds of others. Even though dairy farmers and processors changed the campaign to MilkLife, impersonators continued.

Milking a comeback

Today, almost 80% of consumers’ total milk consumption is at home. During COVID-19, Americans turned to milk for health and normalcy. Sharing a bowl of cereal with the kids for breakfast or dinner – rather than racing out the door with coffee in one hand, cell phone in the other – became a way for families to connect. Life slowing down drove a 4.7% rise in retail sales of milk.

To build on and sustain this momentum, MilkPEP is bringing back its top advertising campaign of the 20th century. MilkPEP’s announcement states:

“The time is now for milk to claim back its rightful place in America’s hearts, minds, fridges and stomachs – and to do that, we’ll be bringing back “got milk?” in a bold new way.”

The new gotmilk? campaign focuses on saying “yes” to milk, to fuel new possibilities for whatever comes next. It taps into fueling strength and health to get us through uncertainty. It includes influencer activation, media, TV and digital advertising, in-store promotions and social media.

Raising a glass, joining the cause

MilkPEP also asked the dairy industry to create videos to “show us what you got.”

At Filament, milk (and the dairy cows, sheep and goats that produce it) fuel our passion for animal agriculture, so we jumped right in. Here’s showing you what we’ve got.


Show us your version of the tastiest way to stay healthy, active and strong with #gotmilk on Filament’s Facebook page.
Jane Hillstrom
Jane Hillstrom
Vice President