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How will you make the world a better place?

05.15.20 Jane Hillstrom

After COVID-19, how will humanity be different? How will our hearts, minds and behavior change after the world faced rationing, fear and uncertainty for months on end? How will we absorb the impact of this seismic shift in our lives and look at the world differently?

In addition to celebrities, Marvel characters and NFL players, will our heroes be doctors, nurses, first responders and respiratory therapists who fought this war for all of us? At the holidays, will we buy teachers larger gift cards because parents will not have forgotten how difficult it was to homeschool? Will we leave thank you packages at our doors for hardworking delivery drivers?

Who will we thank?

After intensive meal planning, will we continue to waste 30% of our food? Will we be more kind and patient with the grocery store clerk knowing she worked every day, exposing herself to the virus? Will we ever have road rage again simply because we appreciate driving anywhere?

Will we thank farmers for donning coveralls and work boots to make sure their livestock had food and water, as we poured milk on our cereal and fried bacon wearing sweatpants and slippers? Will we appreciate the factory worker who continued to assemble pizzas, cut meat and make toilet paper, diapers and hand sanitizer to say, “You are amazing, we couldn’t have made it without you.”?

Will we question funding our state universities when scientists worked through COVID-19 to research a vaccine? Will we “thank” Jeff Bezos for creating a company that shipped us books, games and dog food? Will we remember to do the same to Bill Gates for inventing software allowing so many of us to work from home and keep our jobs?

What will we feel?

Will we cry in the arms of family and friends when we can once again hold each other? Will we call our parents and grandparents more often knowing IF they had been hospitalized, we may have said our ‘forever goodbye’ … over the phone? Will we end grudges over meaningless squabbles with people we love?

Will people change careers to do what they’ve always dreamed of doing realizing life is fragile at any age? Will we live a life full of gratitude for what we have, instead of one that chases consumerism by comparison?

Now that we can see the mountains will we ever be content with smog? Will we hike more, smile at the blue sky and breathe in the smell of the forest now that we have had our freedom to explore taken away?

Will we reach out?

Will we take in life sip-by-sip instead of by gulps? Will we share more of our wealth, time and expertise to advance someone younger now that we’ve questioned our impact during this one wild, crazy life? Will we reach out with our hearts and hands with a new level of compassion for humanity now that we faced the uncertainty of another day? Will we hug more, laugh more and love more?

How can we not?

We’re here to help you navigate through these challenging times. Let’s connect.

Jane Hillstrom
Jane Hillstrom
Vice President