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Lessons in Life and Business: 2020’s Gifts to Us


Remember when all of 2020’s craziness was just beginning? It seemed like the world was ending. And yet, the world is still here and so are all of us.

Shutdowns, plan cancellations and a whole slew of other bummers make it easy to chalk this year up as a loss. But at Filament, we prefer to look at 2020 as a year of resiliency and appreciation. We’ve found silver linings in the challenges 2020 presented us.

These life lessons are 2020’s gifts to us:

Make every day worth living.
Life is short. Live it to the fullest. Don’t save up all of your PTO and money for a rainy day. Buy the jeep (and take the doors off), eat the cake and take the trip. We’re not telling you to throw finances out the window, but don’t waste time waiting for a few small, good moments in life. Make moments happen now.

Live in the moment, not by the itinerary.
If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s taught us that things don’t always go according to plan. It’s also taught us that some of the best moments or projects are unplanned. Get comfortable with being spontaneous. Pack up and take an adventure. Participate in a real-time trend (Tiger King, anyone?). Don’t live your life solely by what the calendar says.

Connections are essential — and we can be creative.
Physical distancing has impacted our gatherings with friends, family and coworkers. But, it’s also given us new (and old) ways to connect! And, we’re not just talking Zoom happy hours. An old-fashioned phone call might just make someone’s day! No doubt we’ll all rejoice when we can gather again in groups but, for now, we’ve found creative ways to stay close to those we care about.

It’s ok to take a break.
Dealing with work, family, pets and dishes all at the same time — and in the same house — is exhausting. We’ve all gotten more comfortable recognizing stress, asking for help and taking a needed break when it gets to be too much. Go for a walk or hike, drive around or even take time off work to clear your head. Whether it’s 15 minutes or five days, taking time to destress and relax does wonders, we promise.

We’re all resilient.
The trendy word of 2020 — especially in the marketing world — might have been “pivot.” But, we think “resiliency” is the word that best captures how we’ve all persevered. Resiliency is a characteristic to carry with you in life, and in business, and we all learned just how resilient we are this year.

We hope you find this list of 2020 gifts refreshing and insightful. For a resilient partner ready to take on the challenges ahead, contact us today.