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Oink, Cluck, Moo – Filament’s Fiber Farm Comes to You

05.11.20 Mariah Martin

Like you, our work environments look a little different today – the doorbell rings, the dog barks and we enjoy the occasional “little” professional appearing in meetings. While we’re still working on a solution for the doorbell and dog distractions, we’ve put together Filament Activity Pages for your “little” professional to help you stay focused, and them entertained.

Need a brain break or a moment to refresh? The Filament Activity Pages are for “big” and “little” professionals alike and help share the story of agriculture.

Download the Filament Activity Pages below to share with family, friends, neighbors or classrooms.

Set one

Set two

Set three

Set four

Set five

Set six

Set seven

Set eight

Set nine

Mariah Martin
Mariah Martin