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W is for Will, which also stands for:

Will Kaufman

Visual Design Intern

One of Filament’s biggest assets is our creative environment and Will, our visual design intern, feels right at home. That’s why he’s back for his second summer. Well, that and the butter burgers and almond Kringle.

His first middle school crush was design, and it’s also what he chose for his major: user experience design. Will recently finished his junior year at Purdue University (Boiler Up!). If you’ve ever been on campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, you might’ve run into some of Will’s projects without knowing it. As part of Purdue’s Student Union Board, he uses his creative talents to help develop and produce large-scale events.

Rumor has it Will makes a mean chocolate cake. And, if you see two of him out and about in Madison, don’t be alarmed. You’re not seeing double; Will has an identical twin! Ask him about the time he punk’d our office by having his twin present his intern exit presentation.


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