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A is for Alicia, which also stands for:

Alicia Schmitt


Alicia is her name; timelines are her game! She helps drive client goals to attainment through team collaboration and sharing her hands-on farm experience. Ensuring clients stand out from the crowd is the meat to her potatoes.

Speaking of meat, Alicia is a fervent defender of the butcher’s block. She loves cooking meat and is known to stop innocent bystanders and tell them all about how she raises pork on her feeder-to-finish pig farm. Alicia farms alongside her husband and family in north-central Iowa. Returning to the farm was always her plan after graduating from Iowa State.

Outside of Filament, you’ll find Alicia managing her family schedule, chasing after her two little ones, and cooking up her favorite recipes (meat-based, obviously). She’ll be the first to tell you – raising pigs prepared her for parenting. Her pigs are her kids. And her kids are pigs… er, something like that.


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