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A is for Allie, which also stands for:

Allie Skinner


Filamentarians are masters at wearing multiple hats. So, we knew Allie was a perfect fit. She can bake, show livestock, has marketing AND sales experience, and already knows her way around our office – she started her career as a Filament intern!

Allie grew up on her family’s registered Holstein farm and has shown dairy since she was four years old. She’s also a third-generation Wisconsin Badger, earning a degree in life sciences communication and entrepreneurship.

After graduation, Allie took a southern sojourn to North Carolina to work directly with cotton, peanut and tobacco farmers. She returns to Filament as a master relationship builder and problem-solver. Plus, she’s happy to trade her polo shirts and hours of windshield time for a more creative, collaborative environment.

Allie brought her love of southern cooking back to Wisconsin, so if you need biscuits and gravy or a pecan pie for your next potluck, she’s your girl. In addition to her two Australian Shepherds, Kip and Goose, Allie’s other loves include Diet Coke and binge-watching Friends (for the tenth time).

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