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A is for Amanda,
which also stands for:

Amanda McNeely

Senior Manager

Call Amanda a management queen. From creating annual plans to brainstorming and executing tactics, Amanda leads accounts and projects with grace. All while keeping a keen eye on the budget.

Amanda’s attention to detail and strong fiscal sense are why many team members go to her for advice. Whether you need an estimate gut check or want to figure out how to get extra mileage out of your ad plan, Amanda is your go-to girl. Sure, she’s sweet and kindhearted. But, for her – the devil is in the details.

Amanda’s no stranger to livestock. She showed sheep and pigs with the best of them. Plus, she married a passionate dairy farmer. Needless to say, her daughter is on the path to many 4-H livestock projects. She can talk mineral and milk replacers at work, but you’ll also overhear her chatting about the latest mascara that came out at Ulta. She’s a beauty, inside and out.


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