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A is for Amber,
which also stands for:

Amber Selman


Deadlines, project trackers, timelines, spreadsheets – while they give others nightmares, they are Amber’s bread and butter. She keeps her teams on track and does it all with a smile. If you see an email with seven smiley faces and nine exclamation points, you know it’s Amber.

Growing up on a diversified dairy, beef and crop farm in Iowa initiated her into the expansive ag industry. Even now, Amber’s second office is a dairy farm, working alongside her husband and teaching her daughter, Ellie, the joys of farm life.

At the office, she subtly [or not so subtly] lets other Filamentarians know she believes Iowa is the best state. We [not so] subtly jest back. We all agree on one thing though – we hope her daughter follows her lead to become an FFA state officer one day.

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