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A is for Anna, which also stands for:
Architect (of stories)

Anna Davel


The world is a complicated and exciting place. But rest assured, Anna’s here to turn complex messaging into a show-stopping visual story. And, she’s likely to bring cookies.

Anna’s enthusiasm for explanation through storytelling started with high school forensics, where she acted out scenes with her teammates and gave “how-to” speeches — often about how to bake cookies. That passion for storytelling led her to complete a fine arts degree in entertainment design: animation at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Once upon a time, Anna dreamed of working in California, telling stories through digital media. But she was pleasantly surprised to find an opportunity to create videos and stop-motion animation that bring her team’s vision to life right in her home state of Wisconsin.

Her key to a good day at the office? “Follow your passions, and you will find people who share your passion. As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing the right thing.”

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