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B is for Breinne,
which also stands for:

Breinne Hendrickson

Marketing Executive

Breinne is a content guru. Give her an e-newsletter, article or website copy to write, and she’ll hash it out with strategy in mind. Breinne relates to her audience because she’s worn their shoes. She grew up on a dairy farm and followed up with degrees in dairy science and life science communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

If Breinne doesn’t have the answer, she’ll find it. Hand her an orphan piglet, and she’ll successfully raise it. After all, who says a dairy farmer’s daughter can’t spread her wings… or in this case, working hands?

Looking for a pick-me-up or silver lining? Breinne’s your go-to gal. Sure to brighten your day, she’ll greet you with a friendly, heartwarming smile. She also lives for adventure and trying new things. When she’s not working, you’ll most likely find her hiking, running, volunteering or helping on her family’s farm.

P.S.: It’s pronounced Bree-in


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