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B is for Brooke,
which also stands for:
Baking enthusiast

Brooke Wentland


Need a colorful cheer-up? Brooke is your person. A big dreamer, Brooke can translate words and problems into visual solutions. She asks a lot of questions and deciphers it all to create astounding ads, banners, tradeshow graphics, brand identities, social graphics…anything to help your audience understand what you’re saying.

Brooke’s agriculture experiences hark to days of helping on a veal farm, collecting eggs and showing a horse at the fair. She enjoys creating graphics for the agriculture audience and appreciates the genuine and caring people in the industry.

Brooke might be sweet and bubbly but watch out – she’ll take you on in a tractor pull. Her imaginative personality doesn’t stay in the office. She loves to dance, backpack solo in foreign countries and is a certified scuba diver. She’s also an experienced geocacher.


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