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C is for Connor,
which also stands for:
Calico (ever-changing hair color)

Connor Hayes


His real identity is an IT/HR superhero. His alias is Connor. He takes extraordinary IT challenges and zaps them with his superhuman powers. He has a laser-like focus on supporting the team’s IT and HR needs. He’s the master of all things – from 401k to PTO, payroll to performance.

Just because he’s a superhero doesn’t mean he’s a stranger to agriculture. He grew up on a registered Holstein farm. Dairy judging and Junior Holstein activities were our beloved superhero’s beginnings.

When Connor’s not out saving the world…er…Filament office, you’ll find him relaxing with his Siamese cat or hanging out with his siblings. Public notice: Connor’s sister is Megan, another Filament team member. They play nicely…most of the time.


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