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E is for Emily, which also stands for:

Emily Keiser


Nothing makes Emily happier than seeing a project come together from start to finish. Why? It’s the 5th generation crop farmer in her – watching a season of work, from planting to harvest, finally end up in the bunker to provide nutrition to her family’s feedlot cattle and cow/calf herd. Of course, celebrating at the end of harvest or a successful marketing campaign makes it all the sweeter.

Emily attended South Dakota State University where she honed her leadership skills as a member and eventually captain of the Division 1 equestrian team. After interning for the National Corn Growers Association, she continued developing her agronomy skills by accepting a position with the Kansas Corn Growers Association following graduation. But it didn’t take long for Emily to embrace the orange Kool-Aid and become a Filamentarian.

Emily’s passion for agriculture doesn’t take a day off. When she’s not at work, you can find her in the barn cleaning stalls or heading out to ride. Most weekends throughout the summer, she’s hitching up the trailer and hitting the road with her sister to compete at horse shows. She’s always up for new adventures – especially if it involves snacks!

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