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H is for Hailey, which also stands for:

Hailey Johnson


A self-proclaimed connoisseur of funny items on the internet, Hailey has her thumb on all things viral. Bringing wit and aptly placed emojis to social media copy balances her keen eye for detail and analytics.

Hailey’s social savvy has touched industries from healthcare and professional beauty to real estate and politics. She even used to tweet for the UW-Madison Department of Urology and has a bag-full of bladder jokes. All puns aside, Filamentarians know her to be a jack of all social media trades and can count on her for well-timed memes.

Hailey hails from Spring Green, Wisconsin, and is a former resident of Detroit, Michigan. Her motto? “Midwest is best” (or alternatively, “cheese and crackers, beer and Packers”). Her soft spot for a well-strung series of words led her to an English literature degree from Edgewood College and a reading list that never seems to stop growing.

When she’s not flexing her creative muscles for Filament, Hailey is likely home brewing kombucha, planning her next camping trip or scrolling through Highland cattle accounts on Instagram.

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