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J is for Jackie,
which also stands for:

Jackie Doyle

Operations Project Manager

Ever heard of a cat herder? That’s basically Jackie’s job every day at Filament. She keeps us all in line. Have a scheduling question? Ask Jackie. Need help arranging travel for a client visit? Message Jackie. Need to find something? See Jackie. Did we mention Jackie also has design experience? She can even help layout an office floorplan.

Her behind-the-scenes work deserves praise. From scheduling a meeting with Ed to handling credit card payments and organizing anything office related, Jackie takes care of everything with a smile.

Jackie might not have a background in animal agriculture, but she’s no stranger to farming. She grew up in the warmer climates of Florida where her family owns a pine tree farm. When Jackie isn’t busy keeping us in line, she spends her time kayaking, paddle boarding, bicycling, skiing and traveling with her husband.


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