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J is for Jake, which also stands for:

Jake Wolter


Jake brings unparalleled energy into a room and strives to inspire and excite everyone in it. With a zest for life, he enjoys motivating individuals and groups to produce their best work. Jake takes a journalist’s eye to the accounts he leads. He asks questions and examines the details to recommend media and marketing strategies that are relatable and engaging.

After leaving rural life behind after high school, Jake realized he missed the sound of cows lowing and the sight of corn growing in rows. He graduated college with degrees in journalism and economics, focused his communication efforts on food and agriculture, and hasn’t looked back.

Besides “good job team,” Jake’s favorite phrase is “bon appétit”! He loves a good, home-cooked meal. His favorite dish to make? Maple-glazed pork chops. He continues to improve his cooking skills by reading through his impressive cookbook collection.

Fittingly, a Julia Child’s quote keeps him motivated in both his career and cooking: “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”


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