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J is for Jane, which also stands for:

Jane Hillstrom

Vice President

Have you ever heard the metaphor about the eye of a hurricane? A column of clear skies surrounded by miles of extreme weather in every direction. We’re pretty sure whoever said this took a page out of Jane’s book. For our clients, she’s the calm in a world of chaos.

Forget Jill; this Jane-of-all-trades has 30+ years’ experience and writes crisis plans, strategies, and statements for companies, organizations, and families going through a crisis. She also conducts individual workshops to train people to stay on message during media interviews, give dynamic presentations (to any audience) and deliver messages to make every conversation count.

Wall Street Journal, People magazine, CNN or Nightline calling – no problem. Jane’s your girl!

Growing up, Jane spent every free minute at her grandparent’s dairy farm. After becoming a Badger (graduating with majors in meat and animal science, and agriculture education), she’s worked in everything from cattle healthcare to seed corn research. You’ll never be bored on a road trip in the Midwest with Jane, if all else fails, she’ll start guessing the genetic families of the corn you drive by.

In a rare occurrence, Jane has free time, she keeps herself busy seeing musicals, writing books, visiting her kids with her husband, exploring the world and caring for her herd of two black mutts: Bo and Gus.

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