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J is for Jen, which also stands for:

Jen Patzer


Jen is her name; collaboration is her game. Jen loves inspiring others to work together and create amazing marketing results. Her personality test scores back this up. She’s a natural-born leader and coach, full of passion and charisma to bring out the best in teams. With her motivational and organizational skills, Jen ensures her clients stay on task, on budget and on point.

While her Wisconsin roots run deep, Jen’s familiarity with agriculture is still growing. About a decade ago, Jen had the opportunity to tour a farrowing barn and watch sows give birth. That’s all it took to get her hooked on agriculture. (The cute baby piglets helped, too.)

Jen, her husband and two daughters support agriculture by buying seasonal foods directly from local farmers and restaurants. They have a dog, Luna, a rabbit, Knight Rider and are working on approval for a backyard chicken flock.

If you ever want to talk about Rachel Hollis or swap funny stories about your kids, Jen is your girl. She’ll also trade triathlon and half-marathon stories with fellow runners.


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