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K is for Kari, which also stands for:

Kari Kennedy


You can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl…

When Kari left for college, she was determined never to work a day in farming or agriculture again. And, she kept to that promise … for a few years. While searching for a marketing job, she came to the realization she missed agriculture – the people and the connection to the land.

From there, Kari joined an agricultural marketing agency and for 10 years worked on a diverse client roster, including rice, wheat, cotton, apples, food safety, and commercial pork and poultry production.

Now she uses her farm girl background and agriculture marketing expertise to support Filament clients with their strategic communication plans, creating impactful and meaningful end-user experiences. Kari is passionate about developing strong relationships with clients and teams through earned trust, proactive communications and by looking at challenges as opportunities.

Kari resides in the Milwaukee area with her husband and two children. She gets back to the family farm as much as she can and enjoys introducing her kids to the farm things she loved most – cows and tractor rides!


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