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K is for Keesia, which also stands for:
Kindred Spirit

Keesia Wirt

Senior Manager

There are certain shared experiences that create lifelong bonds between farm kids. For Keesia, those include walking in dew-covered soybean fields, working a roadside sweet corn stand and being crowned a beef princess.

For more than 20 years, Keesia (pronounced Key-zee-uh) has worked as a journalist, editor, public relations writer and content strategist. She’s interviewed hundreds of people and loves the adrenaline rush when a good story starts to unfold. Her goal? Create interesting, relevant content to help her clients become a go-to resource for their customers.

She worked with many farm kids at newspapers, ag publications, state commodity organizations and several advertising and marketing agencies before finding her home at Filament. She just couldn’t say no to joining a whole team of ag-loving content nerds.

Keesia and her husband Shawn live in Nevada, Iowa, with their three children and two cats. She’s an Iowa State University grad, loves to bake homemade bread and has a dream to create a rural utopian community with a herd of fainting goats.



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