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M is for Megan,
which also stands for:

Megan Hayes


Call Megan the product master. Savvy SEO strategy? Top-notch text? She’s behind the scenes making sure every project Filament produces is up to snuff. She works with her team of specialists – in social, digital, design and copy – to meet and exceed our high standards.

Megan knows that people are behind products. That’s where she devotes the rest of her attention. She pushes individuals and teams forward by asking questions no one else will (it comes from her years as a dairy editor). She’ll be the first to grill you on project strategy. The result? Better projects.

Variety is the spice of life, so it’s fair to call Megan’s life flavorful. From the dairy calves and rabbits she showed to the places she’s lived – London to California. Don’t be surprised to find her making jewelry, enrolling in an improv class or hitting up a local brewery.


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