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O is for Olivia, which also stands for:
Odd (a little)

Olivia Spaight


If Olivia was a font, she’d be a loopy cursive. Adaptability and confidence are two skills that allow her to navigate the twists and turns of any project – and have fun while doing it.

Whether herding barn cats or bottle-feeding calves, Olivia always enjoyed spending time on her grandparents’ dairy growing up and quickly transitioned into a life of loving all things cows and plows. Olivia found her love for communications (and font jokes) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studies dairy science and life sciences communication with a certificate in agriculture business management. At Filament, her passion for agriculture and communications meet in a variety of ways by working with clients and connecting with their audiences.

Photos of Olivia are few and far between, as she’s behind the camera more often than in front of it. When not hanging out at the office with fellow Filamentarians, Olivia is snapping pictures in the showring or out to pasture with her corgi, Mickey.

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