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P is for Pam,
which also stands for:

Pam Getschman


Pam is the smiling face welcoming you to the Filament office. She’s a hostess extraordinaire with genuine and caring customer service in her DNA. She’s owned and managed a bed and breakfast and a scrapbooking store – her organizational skills are truly magical. Need the perfect lunch for a brainstorming session or meeting? Pam is the angelic person organizing it all.

Pam can be a knight in shining armor for Filamentarians, but her chosen steed would be a Belgian draft horse. Her family’s draft horses have participated in many of the Great Circus parades in Chicago, Milwaukee and Baraboo. Two of her horses once belonged to Loretta Lynn!

Her favorite farm memory? The time she found her son curled up, napping with two barn cats and the horses, complete with air mattress, pillow and blanket. In her free time, you’ll catch Pam boating or paddle boarding as long as she doesn’t have to go in the water – she’ll pass on swimming!

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