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S is for Sal, which also stands for:

Sal Buccellato


You know that moment when all the pieces of a project’s puzzle start coming together? That’s where Sal thrives. He’s a master at making connections and turning information into memorable graphics – in all forms. From print to digital, tradeshow booths to museum exhibits (yes, museum exhibits), he makes them all work together seamlessly.

Sal may have started out wanting to become a chef, but the art department next door to the culinary school was calling his name. He made the switch, receiving a degree in graphic design from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and never looked back.

You might call Sal a rolling stone – he’s lived in six states (and has traveled to 30 more)! But as a Michigan native, he’s happy to return to his Midwestern roots. Since settling in Madison, he enjoys spending time outdoors – hiking, cross-country skiing and running – and spending time with his Australian Shepherd mix, Franklin.

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