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S is for Sarah,
which also stands for:

Sarah Williams

Marketing Manager

Sarah sees the world in letters, commas, em dashes, and ellipses. She’s a wordsmith with an épée of a red pen. She’s the mockingbird of tone and voice, has an opinion on the Oxford comma, and [might be] silently judging your grammar.

Sarah’s agriculture pursuits are of the equid variety, making her the resident horse expert. While some kids simply catch the horse bug, Sarah inherited it. She comes from a long line of equine-enthusiasts including – rumor has it – a horse thief. From grooming and barn management to training and showing, Sarah has traveled the country for her equine education and now enjoys the quiet adult amateur life with her Oldenburg gelding, Olle.

A Wisconsin transplant, Sarah hails from Texas and earned her degree in English from the University of Texas at Austin. When she’s not writing or riding, Sarah can be found with her nose in a book, biking, hiking, boating, or traveling with her husband, Chris.


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