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S is for Sarah,
which also stands for:
Show mom

Sarah Young

Senior Marketing Manager

Sarah makes the impossible possible. She leads, encourages and unveils success. “Can’t” is not in her vocabulary. She’s a visionary, seeing possibilities everywhere and arranging puzzle pieces to reveal the big picture.

Sarah thrives in a team environment, and her teams and clients thrive with her. From swine to agronomy, lifestyle to commercial, Sarah has done it all in agriculture. She believes fun is the foundation of great work and creativity. Laughter-filled meetings and superior-quality work are standard practices with Sarah’s teams.

With an extensive background in the swine and agronomy industries, Sarah is doing her part to nurture her sons’ interest in agriculture. The stories of Sarah’s boys and their animal adventures could be a comic strip filled with tales of pigs, chickens, rabbits, horses and puppies. When not at work, Sarah can be found at a 4-H meeting, volunteering, walking show pigs or caring for newly hatched chicks.


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