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W is for Wes, which also stands for:
Wisconsin (through and through)

Wes Luck

Graphic Designer

Have you ever met anyone whose love language is logos? Well, that’s Wes. The best way to describe him is downright creative. He’s got a knack for making impactful visuals that leave lasting impressions. From ad creative to booth displays, packaging to product sell sheets, Wes is the guy with creative genius.

Wes has been a professional designer since 2012. Farmboy isn’t on his resume, but he uses his creative mind to push the boundaries of agricultural marketing.

If Wes isn’t at his desk creating buzz-worthy designs, you’ll find him outside, playing the guitar or at the store buying something based solely on the fact that he likes the packaging. If you’re into low-budget sci-fi movies, you’ve found your new best friend.


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