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The 11 Bracket Personalities

03.17.22Aaron Dunajeski

It’s that time of year again – March Madness, the Big Dance. The time of squeaky sneakers and buzzer beaters. The time of big-time blocks and Cinderella stories.

Each year as brackets are filled out, it seems the same personalities emerge. And as a team who enjoys good personas and competition, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to document them.

1) The True Believer

This person puts their team as the national champion every single year, without fail. They have faith that “this is their year,” and value the loyalty of their fandom over the quality of their bracket.

2) The Data Miner

Spreadsheets, statistics, summaries, oh my! This person plans to calculate their way through the myriad of matchups. Through piles of data lies the promised land, the perfect bracket (which they would tell you is statistically impossible).

3) The Gut Feeler

With blind trust and intuition, the gut feeler approaches their bracket like a fisherman – casting their line in the direction that feels most hopeful. Not bogged down by facts or logic, this person trusts that what feels right, is right.

4) The Clueless

Like a canoe without a paddle, this person was likely signed up for a bracket by a friend or colleague. They don’t want to be here, but social norms dictate they should at least put something forward.

5) The Lucky One

Everyone knows one. The person that is just lucky at whatever they do with almost no skill to back it up. 50/50 raffle? Won it. Half court shot? Drained it. Sometimes (especially in March) it’s better to be lucky than good.

6) The Upset Caller

March Madness is the land of upsets, the domain of the underdogs. But some folks go to the extreme. They may as well write every 16 seed as a 1 and vice versa. Wanting to feel the thrill of being “the only one who called that upset,” this person is willing to tank their bracket to stand out.

7) The Interrogator

Not one to be bashful, this person crowdsources their bracket through questioning friends and colleagues as to their tournament decisions. After data is compiled, they choose whatever matchup has the greater odds (according to their sources). This method is also likely how this person decided what car to purchase.

8) The Conference Loyalist

Big East, Big 12, SEC, Big 10, ACC, PAC 12. This person believes their conference stands above all and their bracket reflects it. They will also likely tell you they have the same brand of refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher.

9) The Gambler

For some, it’s all about the money. Forget about a 401(k), forget about starting a business, forget about not spending $45 a week on Jimmy John’s. This bracket is the main financial instrument for the gambler.

10) The Traditionalist

Bracket apps and websites aren’t for everyone. This person likes to have a fresh paper copy and fill it out by hand. They likely also prefer vinyl over streaming, horseback riding over driving and reading a book over watching TV.

11) The Multibracketeer

Not one to be tied down by ONLY one bracket, this person sees all potential outcomes and situations in their head and puts them all on paper… literally. They are in every bracket challenge known to man. They also likely own every color of Post-It.

So which category do you fall into? Let us know!
Aaron Dunajeski
Aaron Dunajeski