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Sweet 16 & Quarantined: Celebrating Our Birthday the Filament Way

08.10.20Abby Breseman

Even in quarantine, Filamentarians found a way to give back to their communities in honor of Filament’s 16th birthday.

We empowered our team of agriculture experts to turn their love of agriculture and personal passions into a Sweet 16 celebration of giving. #Filament16for16 celebrated a diverse sector of agriculture and supported local communities across the country.

Our Sweet 16 celebration of giving included:

  1. Adopting dairy cows, Trinity and Ruby, from Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin’s Adopt a Dairy Cow.
  2. Supporting local restaurants, like The Black Sheep, that provide free meals for kids and families while schools are closed.
  3. Donating funds to support food supply for those in need in Milwaukee through Riverwest Food Pantry.
  4. Supporting dairy farmers’ efforts and local food pantries in Wisconsin and Iowa by donating 24 gallons of milk, butter, cheese and yogurt.
  5. Accepting blogger Dairy Carrie’s Dairy Challenge by providing items like cheese curds and string cheese to fight food insecurities.
  6. Combining forces with Farmer Angel Network to highlight our gratitude and support of area-farmers.
  7. Collaborating with local business, Lingonberry Llama, to create the “We love our farmers a latte” drink to thank farmers for diligently working to put food on our tables.
  8. Fighting childhood hunger with food-filled backpacks through Lodi Blessings in a Backpack
  9. Advocating for dairy farmers during Dairy Month by selling t-shirts to raise funds for Feeding America’s Great American Milk Drive and Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin’s Adopt a Dairy Cow program.
  10. Thanking essential workers by partnering with local Tennessee coffee shop, Crave Coffee Bar and Bistro, to ensure they receive a hearty breakfast
  11. Supporting the need for dairy in foodbanks by donating to Hunger Task Force’s Wisconsin Dairy Recovery Program.
  12. Donating blood to a local American Red Cross blood drive.
  13. Supporting children enrolled in school nutrition assistance programs by donating much-needed milk to Milk Life and Feeding America’s
  14. Supporting Madison Sourdough’s initiative, Neighbor Loaves, by baking bread for neighbors in need.
  15. Helping a local FFA chapter stock the free milk fridge at Blue Mounds Food Pantry so community members in need could enjoy nutritious dairy goodness.
  16. Joining forces to ensure the Cambridge Food Pantry community had access to their favorite dairy products.

Giving back is part of what we do at Filament. So too, is doing what it takes to get the job done. From dairy donations to giving blood, showing appreciation for essential workers to collaborating with local businesses to fight food insecurity, we took this celebration to heart because the best gifts are the ones you give.

Interested in hearing more about how Filamentarians give back to their communities? Contact us today!
Abby Breseman
Abby Breseman