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What It’s Like Being an Intern at Filament

08.17.21Nicole Smith

Where could you get the full agency experience in just 10-12 weeks? Filament interns get to try all different types of marketing, working across teams and clients and working on projects that will someday be in-market — all in a few short months.

Hear first-hand what a Filament internship is like from our 2021 summer interns Kenzie Ulmer, Lewis Sternig, Sadie Vander Wal and Savannah Byers.

How would you describe your internship experience?

Kenzie: I’m willing to bet interning at Filament is unlike anything else. I knew Filament’s culture, people and overall way of doing things were different from other companies. Still, I had no idea how special it really was until I was able to experience it for myself. The collaborative work environment and always willing to teach co-workers is what made my experience here so enjoyable.

Lewis: The internship experience is an amazing whirlwind of meetings, projects and fun. Right from the jump, I felt like part of the team. Getting invited to project meetings within my first week, I quickly learned so much about agriculture, marketing and myself. Filament has helped me uncover skills I never knew I had and develop a better understanding of the path I hope to follow in my future.

What’s something new you learned about agriculture marketing?

Sadie: I never truly realized the value of my agriculture background and experiences until I stepped into Filament. I came in thinking I would feel out of place because I didn’t have agency experience or a marketing background. I remember sitting in a meeting and being asked a question about beef cattle. I realized my experiences as a beef producer could be valuable as a marketer too. When it comes to marketing, it’s all about the audience, and having that audience experience was incredibly valuable to me as I worked on beef and other livestock clients throughout my summer.

Savannah: SO MUCH! I came in with little agriculture background and have constantly been encouraged to ask as many questions as I can think of. I’ve learned why eggs are different colors, how horse shows work and how chickens are the closest relatives to dinosaurs.

How did you grow your marketing skills during your internship?

Kenzie: It’s one thing to learn about marketing in the classroom or to have an internship at just another company, but it is a whole different ball game actually seeing it live and in person at a company that truly strives to do exceptional work (and doesn’t stop until it’s achieved). It was important to me to see client interaction, social media, content development and all other aspects of marketing done the right way.

Savannah: Being an intern at Filament allowed me to expand my knowledge, portfolio and skillsets within a broad range of marketing topics that stemmed from my particular interests and goals. This internship felt very personalized to the experience that I desired, and I was helped, encouraged and respected along the way by so many amazing coworkers.

What advice would you give future Filament interns?

Lewis: I would recommend getting to know as many Filamentarians as you can and always offering a helping hand. It will help keep you busy and introduce you to some cool people and projects.

Sadie: Don’t underestimate your background, experiences or abilities. Whether you have experience in agriculture or marketing or not, your opinions matter. Filamentarians do an outstanding job of making interns feel welcomed and valued. Have confidence in yourself and that they hired you for a reason, and you will go far.

An internship at Filament will leave you with invaluable skills across all aspects of marketing — digital, social media, content, advertising, design, client management and more. You’ll also gain valuable networking connections and build your marketing portfolio.

Interested in a Filament internship? Let’s talk! And watch our Facebook page for our 2022 summer internship call for applications coming soon.
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith
Senior Manager