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Ag Policy Changes: What Agri Marketers Need to Know

01.21.21 Jon Anderson

Inauguration day is over, and today marks the first official day of the Biden administration. The first 100 days in office are always critically important to a presidency and provide the framework of what will happen going forward.

What does the future of agriculture policy look like in a Biden White House? There are four key priorities the administration will focus on:

  • COVID-19
  • Economic recovery
  • Racial equality
  • Climate change

All four priorities will impact agriculture, but the one to keep an eye on is climate change. This topic is critically important to the new administration. One specific policy in discussion is implementing a carbon bank and administering carbon credits. Agriculture accounts for about 10% of all U.S. carbon emissions,[1] so prioritizing and scaling climate-smart practices will be important for farmers.

Marketing tip: Emphasize product and service sustainability benefits and ROI in marketing efforts to help farmers reach conservation goals and justify costs.

There’s also a high desire for sustainable infrastructure, including rural broadband. COVID-19 magnified the holes in rural broadband, which is critical to delivering virtual education, rural healthcare and more. Under the new administration, watch for large investments to expand rural broadband across the country.

Marketing tip: Expanded rural broadband gives agri marketers the opportunity to reach more of their target audience digitally. Consider expanding your digital touchpoints, including digital ads, webinars, virtual customer meetings and more, to enhance your connectivity and relationships with customers and prospects with new or stronger internet connectivity.

Key agriculture leaders in the House and Senate are also changing, most notably the loss of Collin Peterson as House agriculture chair. Leadership changes will ultimately result in more upcoming ag policy changes.

Marketing tip: Ask yourself what your brand can do to help farmers navigate new regulations in 2021 and beyond. Build brand loyalty by showing your support to farmers and the ag industry as a whole as they navigate changing agriculture policy.

There are many more ag policy topics top of mind for farmers under the Biden administration, including biofuels, trade, immigration and workforce protections for farm labor and more. Check out this webinar to dive deeper into all the agriculture policy changes farmers can expect over the next four years.

Need help applying agriculture policy to your marketing plans? Contact us today.

[1] United States Environmental Protection Agency. Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. 2018.


Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson
Vice President