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5 Ways Livestreaming Creates Human Connection

04.15.21Teyanna Marx

Social media fans are hungrier than ever for engaging content. With the majority of the nation practicing social distancing, Facebook has seen a 36% increase in the number of daily active users looking to connect with others. And, livestreaming video views have bumped up by 50%.

Social media livestreaming is an easy way to drive engagement with your fans and customers, and many companies are now joining the livestreaming video movement. But, how can your livestreams stand out amongst the sea of brand streamers?

Here are five ways you can use livestreaming opportunities to create connections in today’s social ecosystem:

Seeing people rally each other virtually has been the silver lining of the COVID-19 situation. Livestreaming software platforms allow you to bring multiple industry experts together from across the country or globe! Virtual roundtable discussions or expert presentations can be a smart pivot when industry events are canceled or postponed.

An open Q&A session with experts or sales team members is an easy way to drive real-time engagement. In times of crisis, be sure to shift the focus of your livestreaming Q&As to support versus selling. In the example below, experts answered important customer questions, like, “Where can I find feed for my animals?” and “How do I store it properly?” Nearly 110,000 fans tuned in to ask experts questions. Giving customers a real-time, direct line to your trusted experts lets them know you’re here for them, no matter the circumstances.

In a time when viewers crave human interaction, livestreaming takes how-to videos up a notch. It delivers on-demand content that also provides a sense of inclusion. While a pre-recorded video showing the strength of eggshells has evergreen value, a live demonstration of the same content makes it more personal. Fans can ask questions, give feedback and even hear their names called out as hosts read real-time comments and respond.

Offer an exclusive, livestreaming experience to your fans by allowing them to peek behind the curtain. For the millennials reading this, think MTV Cribs-style tours. Show product manufacturing or employees behind the scenes. Introduce them to an expert or an influencer who raises show cattle at home, just like they do. Make it episodic, and fans have something to look forward to each week. If you’re announcing a new product soon, weave in a live reveal or “un-boxing” party where fans find out the contents in real-time (á la subscription boxes, like FabFitFun).

Trivia games, scavenger hunts, livestock judging contests — let your imagination transform any competition into a livestreaming video. Throw in a few prizes, coupons or branded swag as an incentive to engage. Need we say more?

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Teyanna Marx
Teyanna Marx