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Viral Moments: Tips To Plan For the Unplanned

12.10.20Tanya Ciurro

If you’re still awaiting approval to publish your company or brand’s take on the Utah monolith meme, send an email rescinding the request. The moment already passed. Don’t know what the Utah monolith meme is? Get brought up to speed here — it’ll be the best five minutes you spend today!

On social media, timeliness is relevance. The social landscape is far too immediate to expect to participate in these viral moments while still adhering to chains of approval. Brands had their 15 minutes of meme fame with the monolith, but that timeliness has passed. If you didn’t get to join in, learn from this missed opportunity and do the leg work now to determine how you can participate in the next big random moment.

If you think it would be beneficial to participate in these moments but don’t know if you have the necessary resources, budget or time to do so, answer the following questions:

  • How many viral moments can you afford to participate in this coming year? Can you set aside a small budget to allocate for them?
  • How much mileage could you get out of these moments? Can they add value across multiple social platforms or other owned channels?
  • What are your criteria for participating in these moments? Can you justify participation without the approval to start?
  • If approval is necessary, what information does the approver need to quickly and easily approve your participation?

It’s much easier to answer these questions and remove the hurdles now, so you’re prepared for when the time comes.

Think a viral moment might be a fit for your business? Want to chat through how to take advantage of viral moments? Contact us today.
Tanya Ciurro
Tanya Ciurro
Senior Manager