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LinkedIn: A B2B Marketing Goldmine You Can’t Miss Out On

08.18.21Tanya Ciurro

When you hear “goldmine,” we’re willing to bet LinkedIn may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s exactly the description we use for this platform when talking about the business-to-business community.

As other social platforms have evolved over the years, so has LinkedIn — it isn’t just a tool used for job searching anymore. It’s now one of the fastest growing B2B marketing spaces where brands can connect with future customers, and individual brand team members can create meaningful relationships with future partners.

Not quite convinced? Here are six reasons to add LinkedIn to your marketing plan:

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1. B2B marketing goldmine:

LinkedIn is a hub for business professionals. According to marketing software giant, HubSpot, user growth is rapid (and for good reason). Let’s look at the numbers:

  • LinkedIn has more than 740 million active users
  • Lead conversion rates are 3x higher than other major ad platforms
  • 52% of B2B owners say LinkedIn is the most influential research channel

Bonus insight: Our research shows there are 120,000+ livestock business owners and industry influencers who use LinkedIn today.

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2. Business mindset first:

Users specifically go to LinkedIn for business advice, the latest research and to engage with their professional contacts. Sure, you might share similar content on other platforms, but it gets mixed in with personal content. If the user doesn’t have business on their mind at that moment, they most likely will continue to scroll on. When you go to LinkedIn, you know you’re going to a channel for business-focused discussion.

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3. A powerful demographic:

You say you want to reach decision makers? Well, four out of five LinkedIn members drive decisions for their businesses. That’s impactful for your brand.

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4. Evolved targeting:

Decision makers are on the platform, and with LinkedIn’s powerful targeting, we can ensure we reach them through targeted advertising. We can share content that resonates with people who meet our job title (including farm owner, farm manger, etc.), place of employment, group memberships and skills targeting.

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5. Networking and relationship building:

Personal profiles, like your employees’ profiles, help grow and solidify business connections. They play a vital part in sharing company and industry-related content and nurturing business relationships. Your employees are an extension of your brand, especially on LinkedIn. And farmers know and trust your boots-on-the-ground sales team, so a LinkedIn post coming directly from them may be more impactful.

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6. Marketing, business and leadership tips:

While we can reach a lot of people through targeting brand page content, employee advocacy is another piece of the puzzle for your brand’s success on LinkedIn.

Let’s talk about the power of LinkedIn for B2B marketing or brainstorm how your brand can successfully add this tactic to your social media ecosystem strategy.
Tanya Ciurro
Tanya Ciurro
Senior Manager