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Dairy Built and Raised


If you’ve been living under the feed bunk for too long, you might not know June was National Dairy Month. An entire month dedicated to delicious foods made from dairy cows like me!

This tasty month-long celebration kicked off with World Milk Day on June 1st. And, my fellow Filamentarians were more than happy to up the ante on dairy product consumption in June.

But who am I kidding – dairy products are a staple in Filamentarians’ diets, with cheese being a food group all its own. With 75% of our staff growing up in the dairy industry – it’s more than a food choice – it’s a lifestyle.

From the president of the company to the newest barnyard recruits, dairy runs deep in Filament’s veins. Speaking of my fellow Filamentarians, here are a few fun facts about the team in honor of June dairy month.

Sarah Kutz and Cassie Endres served as the Public Relations chairs for the annual “Cows on the Concourse” event in Madison, which serves as an opportunity to educate others about the importance of dairy. Their group brings real cows to the heart of Madison, Wis., so my fellow bovine can make new friends, just like I’ve gotten to make friends here in the office.

Cassie Endres and Sarah Kutz promote Cows on the Concourse

Cassie Endres and Sarah Kutz promote the Cows on the Concourse event on the local news as the public relations chairs.

I mean, how many cows can say they live in an office with friends who were dairy royalty? And how many cows can say they’ve tried on crowns – because after all, I’m the queen in Filament’s halls! I’ve learned from them being queen isn’t easy, though, these ladies had to be the face of dairy and promote the industry to reporters and the public. I think I’ll just let them keep the crowns, so I don’t have to deal with the publicity.

Teyanna Loether as Alice in Dairyland

Teyanna Loether poses with a grand champion as Alice in Dairyland.

Some of my other friends in the office don’t wear the crowns, but they get to give them out! Or, rather, they decide which cows get the top ribbons. I’ve learned they know what details to look for, whether it’s details on a cow or edits for an article. When it comes to judging, our staff knows what to look for like no udder!

Abbey Alderman, Lindsey Hellenbrand and Kelsi Mayer

Abbey Alderman, Lindsey Hellenbrand and Kelsi Mayer pose at the State FFA Dairy Judging Contest as officials in 2016.

So, knowing how much my friends like dairy, it’s no coincidence our office is in “America’s Dairyland,” a state home to cheese curds, Cheese Heads and an obsession with ice cream, butter and other dairy products. It just makes sense.

Many of our partners also have roots in the dairy industry. While some call Wisconsin home, oftentimes my coworkers must leave me and this great state to visit our clients. These new places are exciting and different, but the dairy farms they see must make my friends miss home because they’re never gone from the office for too long!

While I’m happy they get to explore this world like I did when I made the move from Arizona, I’m most content with them here in Wisconsin with me.

Like any other dairy cow, I’m happiest in a herd, and I found myself a good one!

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