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B is for Belle,
which also stands for:
Breed character


Dairy Cow

Belle brings new meaning to production records. Her work ethic is impressive, even by Filament standards. Belle’s also a stickler for quality work (and milk!). She doesn’t let anything out the barn door unless it meets her high standards.

From her pasture, Belle can see all the comings and goings at Filament. She works with Pam to welcome guests and greet her co-workers at the start of every day. Belle breaks up the workday with a quick stroll around the office to get her steps in on her GEA CowScout Activity Monitor.

Belle grew up on a calf ranch in Arizona before moving to a farm in Wisconsin. After a few turns on the rotary parlor, she was ready for a new adventure and caught the trailer to Filament with her pal Edison.

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