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Speaking a Farmer’s Love Language

09.25.23Kayla Jentz

Let’s talk farmer’s love language for a second. Not sure what a love language is? Check this out.

I grew up on my family’s small Wisconsin dairy farm. I was raised in rural farming communities, and I currently raise Angus cattle with my husband. If there’s one thing I know to be true: farmers are a humble group. Give them a big award and public recognition, they’ll blush. Set a case of Mountain Dew on their doorstep, they’ll love you forever.

To speak a farmer’s love language, it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. If your heart is in the right place, a small gesture can work wonders.

Looking to thank a farmer? Here are a few ways to spread some love:

  1. Follow local farm social pages. Show the farm you support them by liking their posts, contributing positive comments and sharing how what they do is making a difference. It may seem like a small act, but particularly when ag markets are tough — a positive comment can turn a farmer’s day around.
  2. Buy ag products and share recipes featuring them. Meat, milk and produce are all the fruit of a farmer’s labor. Try a new recipe featuring ag products and share it out with your friends. It’s an easy way to encourage the purchase of ag products that support farmers!
  3. Write a message of thanks. If you know a farmer, write them a letter of appreciation, drop a line on Facebook or send them an email. Don’t know a farmer? Reach out to a local ag organization like a Farm Bureau, FFA chapter, 4-H club or other. They can help connect you to a local farmer.
  4. Tour a farm and post about it. When you’re able, go experience a farm for yourself. Learn the farm’s story and seek to understand the farmer’s passion — why they do what they do. Go in hungry for knowledge, ask questions and share your experience with others.
  5. Donate to families in need. Shopping for your own family? Add an extra gallon of milk, carton of eggs or pound of meat to your grocery list for the week and donate it to a local food pantry or family in need. Local food pantries are often in need of perishable items. Just make sure you call ahead to ensure they have refrigerator space.
  6. Learn and share farming facts. Most people are removed from modern farming practices and, as a result, misinformation can surface. Do your part to learn the facts about modern farming (touring a farm is the best way) and share those facts far and wide.
  7. Ask for ag products. Can’t find your favorite cut of meat, a new brand of yogurt you’ve wanted to try or just wish your grocery store stocked a certain type of cheese? Have a conversation with the store manager. Ask for your favorite ag products by name!
  8. Support businesses who support farmers. There are countless businesses who recognize the work farmers do — it could be a restaurant donating a portion of proceeds to FFA or a grocer highlighting farmer stories in the display case. You have a choice on how you spend your dollars — spend them at businesses who support farmers.

Remember, farmers are hardworking people, just like you. Get to know them. Treat them with respect. And, support them in their efforts of providing food for families across the globe.

Want to get a farmer appreciation campaign started? Chat with our team of farm kids turned marketing professionals.

Kayla Jentz
Kayla Jentz
Vice President